Welcome to The Snuffle Garden Project

Snuffle: to sniff; to breath in hard

Dear dog friends

This website is for anyone who wants to improve the well-being of their dog and/or explore new experiences with them. Our aim is to provide up-to-date knowledge about dogs and their needs.


The purpose of the Snuffle Garden is to provide a new sort of facility which contributes to a more satisfying and fulfilling life for your dog. In so doing, this will help you improve your relationship with your dog, and strengthen your understanding of your dog’s requirements .


We believe dogs are individual creatures that have feelings and needs which are not always recognised. Participation in the Snuffle Garden Project helps you recognise one of your dog's strongest needs: sniffing/scenting at its own speed in order to explore new surroundings. We would like to make this available to every dog, especially those who have to be kept mostly on-lead.


On the following pages you can find out what the Snuffle Garden Project is all about. 


You are welcome to participate, and the project is free!